Idioms you need to know

Idioms you need to know | Meanings, Examples, Flashcards and PDF, Set 3

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In this article you will learn Idioms you need to know and their Meanings, Examples, Flashcards with pdf which would be entirely helpful to improve your Writing, Speaking, Reading and Listening skills as well well preparation for academic and competitive exams. You can also use these most important idioms in your daily conversation that will improve your spoken ability to express ideas in a very effective way.

Idioms you need to know and their Meanings and Examples, Set 3

  1. To throw dust in one’s eye: (دھوکہ دینا)

Meaning: To mislead in person:

Example: The clever shop keeper threw dust in the eye of the customer and gave him salt instead of sugar.

  1. To fall flat: (بے اثر ہونا)

Meaning: To produce no effect:

Example: My advice fell flat on his ears.

  1. To take time by the forelock: (وقت کا احساس ہونا)

Meaning: To let slip no opportunity

Example: Those who do not take time by the forelock repent afterwards.

  1. To again ground: (ترقی کرنا)

Meaning: To make progress.

Example: Pakistan is gaining ground in the field of atomic energy.

  1. To look forward to: (بغیر قرض کے کام کرنا)

Meaning: To await eagerly.

Example: I am looking forward to your meeting with me.

  1. To give one the sack: (بے تابی سے منتظر رہنا)

Meaning: To dismiss.

Example: The master gave his servant the sack.

  1. To Break the ice: (برطرف کرنا)

Meaning: To make a Beginning:

Example: Hamid and Saleem set quietly for some time. AT last Hamid broke the ice.

  1. To lose Heart: (مایوس ہونا)

Meaning: To be Discouraged.

Example: You should not lose heart at your failure in the examination

Idioms you need to know Flashcards, Set 3

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