Most Common Irregular Verbs

Most Common Irregular Verbs with Meaning, Flashcards and PDF, Set 4

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Proper use of Irregular Verbs is essential for Writing, Speaking, and Reading correcting and effectively. Irregular Verbs will help you in your preparation of academic, competitive exams, The GRE Tests , TOEFL , IELTS English Language Test , CSS, PMS, FPSC, NTS, UMSC, BPSC, SPSC Etc. Everyone should know Irregular Verbs to enhance spoken abilities as well as writing skills, in this Most Common Irregular Verbs series will entirely fruitful for English learners.

Most Common Irregular Verbs with Meaning, Set 4

Meaning 1 2 3
زخمی  کرنا Hurt Hurt Hurt
نظرانداز کرنا Ignore Ignored Ignored
تصور میں لانا Imagine Imagined Imagined
درامد کرنا Import Imported Imported
عائد کرنا Impose Imposed Imposed
متاثر کرنا impress impressed impressed
بہتر کرنا Improve Improved Improved
جھکاؤ ہونا Incline Inclined Inclined
شامل کرنا include included included
بڑھانا Increase Increased Increased
ظاہر کرنا Indicate Indicated Indicated
اطلاح کرنا Inform Informed Informed
وارثت میں ملنا inherit inherited inherited
داخل  کرنا Inject Injected Injected
زخمی کرنا injure injured injured
پوچھنا Inquire Inquired Inquired
اسرار کرنا Insist Insisted Insisted
تعلیم دینا Instruct Instructed Instructed
بےعزتی کرنا Insult Insulted Insulted
بیمہ کرنا Insure Insured Insured

Most Common Irregular Verbs Flashcards, Set 4

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