Idioms you need to know

Idioms you need to know | Meanings, Examples, Flashcards and PDF, Set 5

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In this article you will learn Idioms you need to know and their Meanings, Examples, Flashcards with pdf which would be entirely helpful to improve your Writing, Speaking, Reading and Listening skills as well well preparation for academic and competitive exams. You can also use these most important idioms in your daily conversation that will improve your spoken ability to express ideas in a very effective way.

Idioms you need to know and their Meanings and Examples, Set 5

  • To Smell a rat; (آستین)

Meaning; to suspect a trick.

Example; when he was addressing the meeting. His subordinates.

  • To be at one’s last legs; (شک کرنا)

Meaning; to be in a tottering condition.

Example; Our collage seems to be on its last legs due to its poor quality of education.

  • To come to terms; (خستہ حالت میں ہونا)

Meaning; To avoid.

Example; You should try to steer clear of wicked and dishonest officers.

  • To pull the strings; (متفق ہونا)

Meaning; Control others actions.

Example; it was his father who pulled the strings and he got a victory.

  • To fall a prey to; (بچنا)

Meaning; To be victim of.

Example; HE fell a prey to the evil plans of the rules

  • To hold one’s tongue; (اشاروں پر چلنا)

Meaning; to be silent.

Example; please hold your tongue and do not talk irrelevantly.

  • To add insult to injury; (سحر زد کرنا)

Meaning; Offend somebody feeling as well as cause him.

Example; The master insulted the servant and punished him. In this way he added insult to injury.

  • To call a spade a spade; (شکار ہونا)

Meaning; to speak plainly;

Example; You will be offended if I call a spade a spade in this matter.

Idioms you need to know Flashcards, Set 5

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