Idioms you need to know

Idioms you need to know | Meanings, Examples, Flashcards and PDF, Set 2

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In this article you will learn Idioms you need to know and their Meanings, Examples, Flashcards with pdf which would be entirely helpful to improve your Writing, Speaking, Reading and Listening skills as well well preparation for academic and competitive exams. You can also use these most important idioms in your daily conversation that will improve your spoken ability to express ideas in a very effective way.

Idioms you need to know and their Meanings and Examples, Set 2

  1. To strain every nerve: (پوری کوشش کرنا)

Meaning: To try ones utmost

Example: HE strained every nerve to pass the B.A Examination but failed.

  1. To pour oil on troubled waters. (فتنہ وغیرہ ٹھنڈا کرنا)

Meaning: To say or to Do something.

Example: His soft words poured oil on troubled waters and all the angry workers became clam and peaceful.

  1. To find fault with; (نکتہ چینی)

Meaning: Complain.

Example: Do not find fault with your elders

  1. To lead by the Noise; (مکمل غلبہ رکھنا)

Meaning: To have full control;

Example: his wife led him by the noise.

  1. To read between the lines; (مطلب سمجھنا)

Meaning: To get at the real meaning and intention of the writer.

Example: Try to read between the lines of his letter and you will come to know that he will help you.

  1. To give oneself airs: (شیخی مارنا)

Meaning: To be haughty and arrogant.

Example: HE has suddenly became rich and therefore gives himself airs.

  1. To have cold feet: (خوفزدہ ہونا)

Meaning: To be nervous and frightens.

Example: He had cold feet at the sight of a snake.

  1. To breathe one’s last: (آخری سانس لینا)

Meaning: To die.

Example: The old man breathed his last this morning.

  1. To burn one’s boats: (کشتیاں چلانا)

Meaning: to have no means to go back on a decision.

Example: I cannot take my resignation back for I have burnt my boats.

  1. To carry the day: (جتنا

Meaning: To win.

Example: Our cricket team carried the day in the world cup.

Idioms you need to know Flashcards, Set 2

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