Most Important Words Vocab

Most Important Words Vocab, Part-51, with PDF

Written by Muhammad Bilal

Daily words English to Urdu

The 3000 Most Important Words Vocab of this series along with meaning in Urdu and example sentences are the most useful words in English.

Part-51  ↓

highlands ہائی لینڈز
 mill  چکی
 needle  انجکشن
 polish  پولش
 sew  سلائی
 shed,  بہاؤ،
 thread,  موضوع،
 trim,  ٹرم،
 upwards  اوپر
ail, عقل،
 ally,  اتحادی،
 boast,   فخر
bounce,  اچھال،
bully, بدمعاش،
 carbohydrate,  کاربوہائیڈریٹ،

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