Most Important Words Vocab Vocabulary for Exams

Most Important Words Vocab, Part-52, with PDF

Written by Muhammad Bilal

Daily words English to Urdu

The 3000 Most Important Words Vocab of this series along with meaning in Urdu and example sentences are the most useful words in English.

Part-52  ↓

 crawl  کرال،
 defeat  شکست،
dial ڈائل،
dominant غالب
mercy رحم
 nod ، نوڈ،
opponent مخالف
 quarrel جھگڑا
rival ، حریف،
 sore  زخم،
 sting  ڈنک،
 strain  کشیدگی،
 torture  تشدد،
 wrestle  کشتی
absence عدم موجودگی،

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