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Vocabulary words for exams | Vocabulary words for learning English

Vocabulary words for exams | Vocabulary words for learning English
Written by Muhammad Bilal

Vocabulary words for learning English exam preparation as well as daily use English writing and speaking. Edvoab present you the most important top 20 words with their meaning for for learning English language to grips the power of words that will also help you to build your memory of vocabulary words.

  • Obnoxious:- objectionable; offensive or odious (ناقبل برداشت)
  • Serene:- calm; peaceful (پرسکون)
  • Befall:- happen to a person (آن پڑنا – واقع ہونا)
  • Gruesome:- frightful and shocking (بھیانک – لرزہ خیز)
  • Harrowing:- Extremely distressing; agonizing (انتہائی تکلیف دہ – درد ناک)
  • Skinflint:- a miser (کنجوس انسان – بخیل)
  • Midst (بیچ – درمیان)
  • Wrath:- Forceful, often vindictive anger (شدید غصہ – قہر)
  • Comprise:- contain (مشتمل ہونا – مبنی ہونا)
  • Prophecy (غیب گوئی – نبوت)
  • Deteriorate:- To diminish or impair in quality, character, or value (خراب ہونا – خاصیت بگڑ جانا – زوال ہونا)
  • Intimate:- not public; private (دلی دوست – دوستانہ)
  • Seclusion (تنہائی – الگ تھلگ کرنا)
  • Bourgeois (متوسط طبقے کا شہری)
  • Cynical:- distrustful of human nature and motives
  • Dreary:- cheerless, bleak, and dull (بے لطف)
  • Whereabouts (وہ مقام جہاں پر کوئی شخص یا چیز موجود ہو)
  • Contaminate (آلودہ)
  • Perceptive:- keen in discernment (شعور – عقلی)
  • Perceive (سمجھنا – حواس کے ذریعے علم حاصل کرنا – ادراک کرنا)

Vocabulary words for learning English

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