Advanced Vocabulary Vocabulary for Exams

English vocabulary English words with meaning, synonyms and antonyms with PDF(5)


Synonyms: absurd, odd

Antonyms: graceful, natural

Sentence: His grotesque appearance makes him defame.

  1. GLIDE (VERB): pass

Synonyms: relapse, go by

Antonyms: stop, freeze

Sentence: He players glided across the field easily.

  1. GINGERLY (ADVERB): carefully

Synonyms: cautiously, delicately

Antonyms: hesitantly, timidly

Sentence: Ahmed Gingerly moved his injured foot.

  1. TEEM (VERB): Overflow

Synonyms: overrun, full

Antonyms: lack, need

Sentence: The sagas teem with references to the inhabitants.


Synonyms: stocky, stout

Antonyms: skinny, thin

Sentence: Urooj is a chunky fellow of mine.

  1. HASPING (VERB): Fasten

Synonyms: grab, catch

Antonyms: loose, release

Sentence: Rehana went to the window and hasped it.

  1. UNDERTONE (NOUN): Mumble

Synonyms: murmur, hint

Antonyms: overtone, enunciate

Sentence: Nisha was talking in undertone.


Synonyms: unhurt, uninjured

Antonyms: hurt, injured

Sentence: The passengers escaped unscathed.

  1. VARNISH (VERB): add a layer to; embellish

Synonyms: lacquer, cover

Antonyms: uncover, reveal

Sentence: The painter varnished the doors.

  1. TOUT (VERB): Laud

Synonyms: praise, promote

Antonyms: blame, discourage

Sentence: They touted her performance.

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