Words Followed by Appropriate Prepositions or Adverbs | English Grammar and Composition

Prepositions play an important part in the English language. Particular words are followed by particular persimmons Which  are, therefore” called appropriate prepositions. Thus  one can die o fever but not die from fever. At times, the addition of a preposition changes t usual meaning of a word. Thus come about  means to happen or take place. How did it come about that your brother got Plucked in the examination. come across mean; to meet with accidentally. I came across a valuable book what e searching for my umbrella in the lumber, room. Comes by means to gain or obtain. I came by this ring in a curious way. Come o, means to take place. When does the Besant come off ‘I Come round means to change gradually to an opposite opinion. Though he’ opposed me at first  , yet he gradually came round to my view after listening to my arguments Come round also means to recover consciousness. e was unconscious when we found him but he came round (regained hi consciousness) in half an hour and explained what had happened. We can judge a man’s command of English by the way he manages his prepositions. Certain propositions go with certain words and several idioms depend for their vigor on these tiny words. We frequently insert a preposition where it is not wanted and as frequently omit one where it is indispensable. He picked u a quarrel with me is incorrect should be. He  picked a quarrel With me. Scott gives out a goo description of the battle is ordered for a drink  description of the battle.

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incorrect. It should be  : Scott for a drink is incorrect. it should be Scott give a Hared a drink. They discussed about attar is incorrect. The correct form is : They discussed the matter. Prepositions should never be imitated where   they are required by ‘syntax and idiom. He replied me  in the negative is ‘ incorrect . The correct form is : He replied to me in the negative. Will you fight  this cause. it is incorrect. The correct sentence is : Will u fight or this cause ? it is incorrect to say: He is a man who keeps appearances. correct sentence is : He is a man who keeps up appearances. ‘ Prepositions and adverbs are not by any means as insignificant  as they look. Here is an example to illustrate the importance of their use and understanding in practical life look out according  to modern English usage. means Be  watch up ; “Beware ‘. Be care it ‘. If somebody says to someone  about to cross the road look on . there is a lorry coming  he means: be  careful’ do not cross the road because a lorry is coming. the  sad story of the Frenchman who was told to ‘Lock out’ when the tram was approaching to a tunnel afford: an amusing commentary on the peculiarities of English idiom as well as on the importance of prepositions and adverbs. The Frenchman took the words ‘look out literally without understanding their real meaning ‘Be watch full  ’be on our guard’. Being ignorant of the English idiom, he craned his  neck and hurt himself seriously by striking his head against the tunnel. Thus his ignorance of the English usage proved a calamity him. To preposition: the language owes  much of its nexibility; so much so that a person’s command of English may be gauged by the way he uses his prepositions. As John O’London remarks: ‘1’ he prepositions are the spice of good conversation and correct idiomatic writing; A few examples will elucidate the point.