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Important vocabulary English words with meaning, synonyms and antonyms with PDF(3)

Written by Muhammad Bilal
  1. OVERT (ADJECTIVE): Obvious

Synonyms: apparent, definite

Antonyms: obscure, uncertain

Sentence: The new guest smiled in return but gave no overt sign of knowing the man.

  1. MEDDLESOME (ADJECTIVE): Interfering

Synonyms: intrusive, meddling

Antonyms: avoiding, dodging

Sentence: She made a meddlesome remark.

  1. MINCING (ADJECTIVE): Affected

Synonyms: artificial, dainty

Antonyms: extroverted, unaffected

Sentence: Naira can’t put up with his mincing voice for rest of her life.

  1. LAVISH (ADJECTIVE): wasteful

Synonyms: extravagant, profligate

Antonyms: economical, mean

Sentence: She came to a grief because of his lavish spending habits.


Synonyms: short, terse

Antonyms: verbose, wordy

Sentence: Though his speech was laconic, yet it was lucid.


Synonyms: enormous, gargantuan

Antonyms: little, miniature

Sentence: A mammoth project will be completed very soon.

  1. MENACE (NOUN): danger

Synonyms: threat, peril

Antonyms: safety, surety

Sentence: Terrorism is a potential menace to the integrity of the country.


Synonyms: understandable, palpable

Antonyms: unclear, obscure

Sentence: His evil intentions were manifest when he mentioned the question of dowry.

  1. MODICUM (NOUN): small amount

Synonyms: ounce, shred

Antonyms: lot, whole

Sentence: There is no modicum of truth in her statement.

  1. OBLIVION (NOUN): mental blankness

Synonyms: forgetfulness, unconsciousness

Antonyms: awareness, concern

Sentence: He drank himself into oblivion.

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