Most Common Irregular Verbs with Meaning, Flashcards and PDF, Set 5

Proper use of Irregular Verbs is essential for Writing, Speaking, and Reading correcting and effectively. Irregular Verbs will help you in your preparation of academic, competitive exams, The GRE Tests , TOEFL , IELTS English Language Test , CSS, PMS, FPSC, NTS, UMSC, BPSC, SPSC Etc. Everyone should know Irregular Verbs to enhance spoken abilities as well as writing skills, in this Most Common Irregular Verbs series will entirely fruitful for English learners.

Most Common Irregular Verbs with Meaning, Set 5

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Meaning 1 2 3
ارادہ کرنا Intend Intended Intended
دخل دینا Interfere Interfered Interfered
حملہ کرنا Invade Invaded Invaded
ایجاد کرنا Invent Invented Invented
روپیہ دینا Invest Invested Invested
دعوت دینا Invite Invited Invited
تانگ کرنا Irritate Irritated Irritated
دینا Issue Issued Issued
شامل کرنا Join Joined Joined
مذاق کرنا Joke Joked Joked
فاصلہ کرنا Judge Judged Judged
اچھلنا Jump Jumped Jumped
رکھنا Keep Keeped Keeped
تانگ مارنا Kick Kicked Kicked
جان سے مارنا Kill Killed Killed
بوسہ دینا Kiss Kissed Kissed
جھکنا kneel Knelt Knelt
کھٹکھٹانا Knock Knocked Knocked
جاننا Know Knew Known
ہنسنا Laugh Laughed Laughed

Most Common Irregular Verbs Flashcards, Set 5

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