Most common GRE vocabulary synonyms and antonyms list pdf

Most common GRE vocabulary

Most common GRE vocabulary words | GRE vocabulary synonyms and antonyms pdf

This blog is all about most common GRE high frequency words with synonyms and antonyms list. Today you top gre vocabulary words with synonyms and antonyms. You may also download gre vocabulary synonyms list pdf from the buttom.

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Most common GRE vocabulary synonyms and antonyms words list:

  • Acrimony (noun): nasty behavior, speech
    Synonyms: acerbity, asperity, irascibility, malevolence, malice, mordancy,
    Antonyms: civility, courtesy, diplomacy, flattery, kindness, politeness, sweetness
  • Acumen(noun): ability to understand and reason
    Synonyms: acuity, ingenuity, sagacity
    Antonyms: inability, ineptness, obtuseness
  • Acute(Adjective): deeply perceptive
    Synonyms: astute, incisive, keen, observant, perspicacious
    Antonyms: imperceptive, obtuse
  • Acute(Adjective) : very important
    Synonyms: afflictive, desperate, dire, grave
    Antonyms: not serious, unimportant
  • Acute(Adjective): severe, intense
    Synonyms: excruciating, exquisite, poignant
  • Acute(Adjective): having a sharp end or point
    Synonyms: acicular, acuminate, cuspate

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