Idioms you need to know | Meanings, Examples, Flashcards and PDF, Set 1

In this article you will learn Idioms you need to know and their Meanings, Examples, Flashcards with pdf which would be entirely helpful to improve your Writing, Speaking, Reading and Listening skills as well well preparation for academic and competitive exams. You can also use these most important idioms in your daily conversation that will improve your spoken ability to express ideas in a very effective way.

Idioms you need to know and their Meanings and Examples, Set 1

  1. Rest on one’s laurels: (کامیابیوں پر متمعین)

Meaning: Rest on one’s oars.

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Example: Ahmed did not rest on his laurels but contained to work hard.

  1. Show thee white feather: (کشتی چلانے والا تھک ہر کر آرام کرتا ہے)

Meaning: To show cowardice.

Example: The Indian soldiers showed the white feather in the 1965 war and fled away from the battlefield.

  1. Play with fire: (آگ سے چلنا)

Meaning: To trifle with dangerous matters:

Example: You will play fire if you take part in this strike.

  1. To cast pearls before swine: (بھینس کے آگے بین بجانا)

Meaning: To give or offer something valuable to people who are unable to appreciate it.

Example: Our teacher of English taught us a piece of Persian poetry.

  1. Keep body and should together: (جسم و جان کا رشتہ قائم رکھنا)

Meaning: To escape hunger:

Example: He very difficult for the poor people in Pakistan to keep their body and soul together now a days.

  1. To break the news: (بری خبر سنانا)

Meaning: To tell a bad news:

Example: HE broke the news of his mother’s death to his friend all at once.

  1. Give one a wide berth: (فاصلے پر رکھنا)

Meaning: To keep at a distance:

Example: HE gave a wide berth to his insincere and selfish friends.

  1. To take the bull by the horns: (مشکلات کا مقابلہ کرنا)

Meaning: To deal with a difficult problem bravely bull:

Example: If you want to improve the situation take the bull by the horns.


Idioms you need to know Flashcards, Set 1



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