Household Items with Urdu| English to Urdu Vocabulary

This basic lesson is about the common items we use at home on daily basis, all the words mentioned in this lesson mention must be learnt by the students who want to start Speaking English Language, This lesson is designed with the pictures and Urdu and Hindi so that the students learn them easily and understand. and below you can also watch the Video of this lesson for better understanding

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Household Items with Urdu – گھریلو چیزیں

Comb کنگی Kangi
Make up سنگھار Singaar
Purse پرس Batwa
Mirror آئینہ Aiyena
Keys چابی Chabi
Dentures مصنوعی دانت Masnooi dant
Necklace ہار Haar
Ring انگوٹھی Anguti
Wallet بٹوا Batwa
Bathtub نہانے کا ٹب Nahane ka tub
Rug قالین Qaleen
Celling چھت Chatt
Bedroom سونے کا کمرہ Sone ka karma
Gate دروازہ Darwaza
Curtain پردہ Parda
Cupboard الماری Almari
Needle سوئی Sui
Door دروازہ Darwaza
Oven تندور Tandoor
Pillow تکیہ Takiya
Vase گلدان Guldan
Towel تولیہ Tolia
Hair Dryer ہیئر ڈرائر Hair Dryer
Iron استری Estri
Candle موم بتی Moom bati
Chair کرسی Kursi
Sofa صوفہ Sofa
Table میز Mez
Dustpan کوڑہ دان Korha dan
Fruit Basket پھلوں کی ٹوکری Palo ki tokri

Household Items with Urdu| English to Urdu Vocabulary

House Hold Items with Urdu

Household Items with Urdu| English to Urdu Vocabulary



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