GRE high frequency words | GRE vocabulary synonyms and antonyms list pdf

GRE high frequency vocabulary

GRE high frequency words | GRE vocabulary synonyms and antonyms pdf

This blog is all about GRE high frequency words synonyms and antonyms list. Today we are going to learn top gre vocabulary words with synonyms and antonyms. You can also download gre vocabulary synonyms list pdf from the buttom.

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GRE word list with synonyms and antonyms:

  • Abstruse (adjective): difficult to understand

Synonyms: abstract, enigmatic, esoteric, heavy obscure, perplexing, profound, Recondite, subtle, vague

Antonyms: concrete, lucid, obvious

  • Accede (verb) : agree or consent

Synonyms: acquiesce, concede, concur

Antonyms: condemn, demur, deny, refuse

  • Accentuate (verb) : focus attention on

Synonyms: accent, emphasize, feature

Antonyms: mask

  • Acclaim (noun) expression of approval

Synonyms: acknowledgment, applause, approbation, eulogizing, exaltation

Antonyms: criticism, jeering, vituperation

  • Acclaim (verb) : give approval

Synonyms: applaud, eulogize, exalt, extol

Antonyms: berate, censure, vituperate

  • Accommodating (adjective): willing to help

Synonyms: considerate, cooperative, handy, hospitable,

Antonyms: alienating, disobliging, estranged

  • Accessible (adjective) : ready for use

Synonyms: attainable, obtainable

Antonyms: limited, restricted

  • Accord (noun): agreement

Synonyms: concert, concord, concurrence, congruence,

Antonyms: antagonism, denial

  • Accord (verb) : grant

Synonyms: accede, acquiesce

Antonyms: argue, deny, oppose

  • Accost (verb) : solicitation

Synonyms: annoy, confront, entice, hail, proposition

Antonyms: dodge, evade

  • Accretion (noun) : addition

Synonyms: accession, augmentation, increment

Antonyms: decrease, shrinkage

  • Acerbic (adjective) : bitter

Synonyms: acrid, astringent, caustic

  • Acquiesce (verb) : agree with some reluctance

Synonyms: accede, concur

Antonyms: dissent, object, protest

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