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In this lesson we  will learn the degrees of Adjective and we will teach you some important and daily used Adjectives with their degrees and meanings. Adjective is used to add some extra information to the meaning of Noun or pronoun. Learn these Adjectives with their meaning and Comparative degree and Superlative degree because these adjectives are commonly used so we must know all these adjectives and these will also help us in speaking.

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Positive Degree Meaning Comparative Degree Superlative Degree
Soft نرم Softer Softest
Tall لمبا Taller Tallest
Ugly بدصورت Uglier Ugliest
Wide کھلا Wider Widest
Strong مضبوط Stronger Strongest
Sharp تیز Sharper Sharpest
Sad اداس Sadder Saddest
Safe محفوظ Safer Safest
Rich امیر Richer Richest
Small چھوٹا Smaller Smallest
Proud مغرور Prouder Proudest
Noble شریف Nobler Noblest
Nice عمدہ Nicer Nicest
Long لمبا Longer Longest
New نیا Newer Newest
Old پرانا Older Oldest
Kind مہربان Kinder Kindest
Hot گرم Hotter Hottest
Happy کوش Happier Happiest
High بلند Higher Highest
Light ہلکا Lighter Lightest
Heavy بھاری Heavier Heaviest
Far دور Farther Farthest
Dirty گندا Dirtier Dirtiest
Sweet میٹھا Sweeter Sweetest
Easy آسان Easier Easiest
Loud اونچا Louder Loudest
Thick موٹا Thicker Thickest
Fit موزوں Fitter Fittest
Late دیر Later Latest

Degrees of Adjectives

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