Action Verbs For Daily Use

Action Verbs are Important Verbs Used while Speaking about any action this list contains all the action verbs that are used on daily basis and all the verbs mentioned in this list has it’s Urdu meaning . 2nd form and 3 form So this lesson  will be very helpful for every who wants to learn English Language, you can watch the Video Lecture of this lesson on youtube by Searching our YouTube Channel ILM CORNER.

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Action Verbs For Daily Use


Writeلکھانا Wrote Written
Go جانا Went Gone
Sleep سونا Slept Slept
Ask پوچھنا Asked Asked
Get حاصل کرنا Got Got
Take لینا Took Taken
Give دینا Gave Given
Help مدد کرنا Helped Helped
Catch پکڑنا Caught Caught
Reach پہنچنا Reached Reached
Play کھیلنا Played Played
Drink پینا Drank Drunk
Knock کٹکٹانا Knocked Knocked
Teach پڑھانا Taught Taught
Beat مارنا Beat Beaten
Come آنا Came Come
Sing گانا Sang Sung
Buy خریدنا Bought Bought
Open کھولنا Opened Opened
Begin شروع کرنا Began Begun
Know جاننا Knew Known
Laugh ہنسنا Laughed Laughed
Want چاہنا Wanted Wanted
Weep رونا Wept Wept
Sell پیچنا Sold Sold


Action Verbs for Daily Use with 2nd and 3rd Forms

Action Verbs For Daily Use

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Action Verbs List with urdu meaningList 1

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